registry re‧gis‧try [ˈredʒstri] noun registries PLURALFORM [countable]
a place where official records are kept and can be examined by members of the public:

• the Trade Marks Registry

ˈcompanies ˌregistry [countable usually plural]
LAW in Britain and some other countries, an official list of companies, with the names of their directors, records of their accounts etc:

• According to the companies registry, the firm did not exist.

ˈland ˌregistry [singular]
LAW PROPERTY in Britain and many other countries, a central organization that keeps records of who owns land in different places:

• She will apply to the land registry for a copy of the title deeds of the property.

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registry UK US /ˈredʒɪstri/ noun [C] (plural registries)
an official record of people or things relating to a business or other activity: »

The centre manages an online registry of share ownership.

on/in the registry »

Sixty companies have been listed on the registry since it opened.


There was no reliable public property registry.

an organization or place that keeps official records: »

You can get the dates from the central registry in the town hall.


The registry has now published the statewide cancer data.

IT on some computer systems, the place on the computer where information is recorded about software settings on the computer: »

In order for your computer to know how to run properly, the registry sets up instructions for it to follow.


A slow computer is often the result of registry errors.

See also COMPANIES REGISTRY(Cf. ↑Companies Registry), LAND REGISTRY(Cf. ↑land registry), PORT OF REGISTRY(Cf. ↑port of registry)

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